' A Frugal Meal ' Fine portrait of a shepherd by JAMES CHARLES 1851-1906


This exceptional Victorian portrait is a rare opportunity to acquire a large, striking portrait by one of the best late Victorian artists.Don't just take my word for it, here's what Walter Sickert said of him:" If I were asked what manof my generation had attained the highest achievement as a painter, I should be compelled to name Mr James Charles ".( The Complete Writings on Art by Walter Sickert ) Yet many collectors know little of his work outside of a couple of superb examples held by Tate ( Will it Rain, South Harting 1877 ) and Manchester City Art Gallery'sbeautiful and wonderful painting ( Christening Sunday, South Harting 1877 ).He was just not commercially minded - as so many of his more famous contemporaries - and contented himself by striving to excelin the presentation of character in his portraits and, in later life, the beautiful landscape and harbours of West Sussex around Chichester.His style was fluid and impressionist and he was at the forefront of that movement.He exhibited widely and in particular at The Royal Academy where he exhibited some 55 works between 1875 and 1904.Any internet search will find examples of his work and a lovely biography of him by Patricia Anderson may be found at:www.gravelroots.net/artists/james_henry_charles.htmlThe painting has family provenance which will be made available to any eventual purchaser. The work is oil on canvas size 30 X 25 ins and held in a new 'Watts' frame to make 39 X 34 ins overall. It is signed lower left.It has returned to this country from Germany where it underwent conservation in being relined on new stretchers as shown in the photographs.Now with a fresh frame it is in perfect condition and needs no additional expense being ready to hang where-ever. A word on the photographs. The unframed example shown is a professional shot; the framed example is my own.Do ask if you need further shots and they will be made available to you. ( International shipping can be undertaken but is likely to be very expensive )

' A Frugal Meal ' Fine portrait of a shepherd by JAMES CHARLES 1851-1906  £2400.0