Exquisite Late C19th Victorian English School Oil Portrait of a Terrier £65.0 

Excellent Early C20th English Expressionist Oil on Board Portrait £45.0 

Powerful Portrait Signed " Ian Anderson " 1970s - Lucien Freud , Peter Howson  £329.99 

Stunning Mid C19th Victorian Highly Ornate Rococo Gilt Gesso Portrait Frame £65.0 

Fine 19th century antique transfer printed charger - Lady portrait - Bargallo £75.0 

Fine 18th Century Portrait of a Young Pretty Lady Rococo Antique Oil Painting £1650.0 

Fine 19th Century English School Prize Black Pig Portrait Antique Oil Painting £1600.0 

Fine 19th Century British Bulldog Portrait 'Satan' Antique Dog Oil Painting  £2200.0 

Fine Large 18th Century English Master Portrait Girl Lady Antique Oil Painting £3400.0 

Large 18th Century British 5th Dragoons Officer Portrait Antique Oil Painting £4500.0 

Vintage Wood & Sons England A Pride Of Britain Portrait Jug King Henry VIII  £15.0 

Slade School Portrait of " Stuart.H.Auld " c1909 - Lance Calkin 1859-1936 £349.99 

Fine Large 18th Century Portrait Young Pretty Lady Rococo Antique Oil Painting  £2850.0 

Antique Portrait Miniature Painting of a Gent in Gold Mount in Brooch form £69.95 

Large Fine 19th Century Newfoundland Dog Portrait Antique Oil Painting LANDSEER £3800.0 


Fine Large 18th Century British Portrait of a Lady Realism Antique Oil Painting £3650.0 

Antique early 20th century miniature portrait painting of a pretty young girl  £179.99 

Fine Huge 18th Century Portrait of a Lady Purple Dress Antique Oil Painting £2900.0 

Vintage Antique style Brass Framed Portrait of A Lady in Profile  £15.99