Phot-R 1.8 x 3m Photography Studio 100% Cotton Muslin Backdrop Background White £14.69 

Photo Studio Continuous Lighting Kit Soft Umbrella 4 Backdrop Background Stand  £56.04 

Studio Photo White Black Green Screen Backdrop Light Stand Umbrella Lighting Kit £56.99 

Photography Studio Backdrop Soft Umbrella Lighting Kit +Background Support Stand £46.54 

PhotR Studio 100% Muslin Cotton Pop Up Backdrop Background Black White Screen £42.95 

Chromakey Green Backdrop Studio Video Screen Background Support Lighting Kit PRO £68.99 

Photo Studio Black White Green Backdrop Chroma Key Screen Background Stand Kit £23.74 

Photography Studio Continuous Lighting Kit Umbrella Background Support Backdrops £56.99 

Background Stand Kit Photography Set + Photo Studio Black White Green Backdrop £23.35 

Studio Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit with Black/White/Green Screen £53.99 

White Photo Studio Back Drop Background Photography Stand Set Kit NEW £21.99 

Photo Studio Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit with Black White Backdrop Equipment £56.99 

2m x 3m Black Photography Backdrop Background Vinyl £49.99 

2m x 5m Black Photography Backdrop Background Vinyl £69.99 

2m x 6m Grey Photography Backdrop Background Vinyl £79.99 

2m x 5m Green Photography Backdrop Background Vinyl £69.99 

5x7Ft Retro Vinyl Brick Wall Background Studio Photography Photo Props Backdrop £8.79 

2m x 5m Grey Photography Backdrop Background Vinyl £69.99 

Photo Studio Continuou Lighting Kit Umbrella Backdrop Background Light Stand Set £49.49 

2m x 3m 2 in 1 Dual Sided White High Key & Midtone Grey Photo Background Vinyl £62.99