artist painting

Lady artist painting, sweet pea flower, glamour, artist Henri Boutet £5.0 

Najib Yunis Angry Hens Birds Iraq Iraqi Artist Painting Postcard £4.99 

Rubens Painter Artist Painting Old Antique Portrait Postcard Life Story History  £4.75 

I90.Vintage German Postcard.Artist painting view. £1.0 

R&L Postcard: Artist/Painting Mercy St Bartholomew's Day, J E Millais £2.99 

R&L Postcard: Fred Walker Artist/Painting Harbour of Refuge £2.99 

Fantasy - Bonzo Dog as French Artist Painting Wearing Beret Postcard £9.89 

R&L Postcard: Artist/Painting The Blind Beggar, Josephus L. Dyckman £2.99 

Clarence Underwood - Beautiful Woman Artist Painting LOVERS OF BEAUTY pc £6.63 

Andrea Del Sarto Artist Painting 1941 £5.0 

Artist Painting Beautiful Victorian Woman c1900 German Postcard £6.89 

A. Duerer German painter artist Painting "The Four Apostles" fragment 1908 £5.0 

1905 Art Nouveau Postcard: Artist Painting Woman's Portrait - Color Litho £9.99