Reproduction Grandfather Clock  £45.0 

Reproduction grandfather clock £85.0 

Reproduction Mechanical Grandfather Clock £100.0 

Franz Hermle Reproduction Westminster Grandfather Clock £299.0 

Grandfather clock - modern £15.0 

Grandfather Clock £450.0 

Reproduction Grandfather Clock £120.0 

WATSONS REGAL - Grandfather Clock with Chimes and Storage Shelves - Mahogany £261.78 

Reproduction Mahogany Grand-daughter Striking Longcase Clock £35.0 

Full Size Grandfather Clock  £50.0 

REGAL - Grandfather Clock with Chimes and Storage Shelves - Mahogany GFW2010 £169.99 

Grandfather Clock Bergere Carved Gold Large Hand Carved Italian French  £999.99 

Clock Vintage Shabby Chic French Cream Distressed Ornate Grandmother Clock  £435.0 


GRANDFATHER CLOCK longcase pendulum 81016 ASK FOR UK DELIVERY £509.0 

MODERN Grandfather LONGCASE CLOCK With WESTMINSTER CHIME & Jauch PL107 Movement £117.49 

Grandfather clock  £50.0 

Corner GRANDFATHER CLOCK longcase pendulum 81018 ASK FOR UK DELIVERY £509.0 

Grandmother clock £60.0 

GRANDFATHER CLOCK longcase pendulum 056093 ASK FOR UK DELIVERY £439.0