Silverline Artists Paint Brush 12 Piece Set Flat, Pointed, Round, Mixed Tipped

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Pure bristle with natural long (approx 25cm) wooden handles. Ideal to use as a disposable brush for terrain painting or glueing and other one off jobs. Silverline Flat Tip Brush Set 633927 Brush sizes 1-12 Silverline Pointed Tip Brush Set 675298 Brush sizes 1-12 Silverline Round Tip Brush Set 868848 Brush sizes 1-12 Silverline Mixed Tip Brush Set 282606 Brush sizes 1-12 contains the following brushes (ignore the picture) 12 Flat 11 Pointed 10 Round 9 Round 8 Pointed 7 Flat 6 Round 5 Pointed 4 Round 3 Flat 2 Pointed 1 Flat